Ashwini Godse

Ashwini Godse

The Learning Planet

Ashwini Godse started ‘The Learning Planet’, a unique project that offers a brand new approach to today’s teaching methods and conducts sessions with educational institutions and parents. Ashwini has 20 years of experience in social education and plays a vital role in helping parents blend the traditional parenting theories with the new ones and help their children be active and better learners. Since she started her business in the covid times, promoting her business was only possible through Social Media. With deAsra’s Social Champs program, Ashwini Godse has been able to grow her business online independently. With her zest to make learning a better experience for students, teachers, and parents, she is on a mission to form and grow a learning community where students learn things of their choice.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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