Sandhya Kulkarni

Sandhya Kulkarni

Taaee's Cook Nook

Sandhya takes her inspiration from her son's culinary academic journey. She got herself certified in catering operations from NSDC. Eager to learn and do something substantial for herself, she initiated by conducting technique-based culinary workshops in her vicinity. Her students fondly called her 'Taee' in these workshops, meaning elder sister. Eventually, when she decided to set up her own brand, she named it - 'Taaee's Cook Nook'. The business consisted of supplying order-based differentiated delicacies to home parties, functions, events, etc. Covid - 19 hit its peak, and Sandhya didn't lose hope and continued carrying her online workshops. Post-Pandemic, she is set up to formalize her business and upscale it to the next level with deAsra. Her business tagline is 'Food is such a great idea', and she makes sure her idea occupies a permanent place in each customer's mind.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Food Processing

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