Swapnil Paul

Swapnil Paul


“I always wanted to do something out of the box, nothing mainstream. Starting something of your own at the age of 18 when all your friends are busy with regular teenage things takes a lot of courage. I completed my education with B. Pharma but when my company gained more reach, I left the line of pharmacy to venture into the world of business and started pursuing MBA.I felt the drive of becoming an entrepreneur when our social media handle completed reaching out to 1 lakh people which is now connected with more than 5 lakh people combining Facebook and Instagram. Through our business, we did promotions, restarted our merchandise business, and also served our community by helping those in need. Like most entrepreneurs, we too were booed by our friends and family but when they see us now, they respect us more.With the help of our social media handles and website, we sell different customized T-shirts, mostly Bengali quotes, printed t-shirts, and also photo frames. Our small merchandise business also sold over 1000 copies in just 3-4 business days online back in 2019. We have been awarded as the Best entrepreneurs by My Canvas Talk in 2020 and were also awarded for maintaining a vibrant ecosystem and social services by MASS, Kolkata. Till now, we have been connected with some of India's biggest brands but what gives me the kick of adrenaline is helping people rather than collaborating with brands.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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