Jiya Barman

Jiya Barman

Artists for Aid

“Having an entrepreneur for a father, ever since I was little, dinner-time conversations have been filled with an analysis of the newest developments in certain industries, startups, unicorns, and valuations. Even while in school, when I wasn’t skipping classes to take part in dance events, I loved looking for new opportunities, initiating activities, and working with a team to create something new. So, while I hadn’t consciously decided to become an entrepreneur, my actions had made it for me!The organization I founded at 16, Artists for Aid, was borne more out of a necessity, than a desire to embark on my first entrepreneurship venture. At Artists for Aid, we provide a platform for upcoming artists to be discovered. Along with our art events, we facilitate interviews and magazine features for young artists. Every penny spent on an event is donated to the education of underprivileged children, in the form of books, tablets, and more. After the first Artists for Aid event, I got together a team of 16 passionate high school students from all over India (after an application process). We worked together to brainstorm new art events to raise funds for children’s education. Those discussions snowballed into a talent hunt for painters; a live play for actors; live shows for singers, dancers, and musicians; debate classes and multiple debates for orators; a book club for writers; live interviews with aspiring artists; a bingo and music night for singers - and a whole lot more.Albert Einstein said, “In amid every crisis, lies great opportunity”. The pandemic presented an intense opportunity, and Team AFA grabbed it.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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