Vishvas Flutes Vision

Vishvas Flutes Vision

Vishvas Flutes Vision

Vishvas Flutes Vision creates an Indian Classical Instrument Flute that is eco-friendly and perfectly made out of waste UPVC and CPVC pipes. We make opportunities to spread the music everywhere through our flutes. Our products have received positive feedback and are appreciated by Pt. Rajendra Prasanna Ji, Shehnai maestro from Banaras Gharana. We received Rs 12,000 as seed money and earned a revenue of Rs 16,000. In the first week, we sold around 30 flutes, making a profit of Rs 4,000. The production cost for each Flute is Rs 300, and we sell it at a discounted rate of Rs 700, earning a profit of Rs.400. One of our first orders was from the 25 - G bass Flutes institute. We aim to reach every aspiring flute learner in the next six months and upscale our business. We seek an investment of Rs 54000 to meet the production cost for six months with a delivery/Transport cost of Rs 5000. We need support in guidance and mentorship.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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