Prasanjeet Anand

Prasanjeet Anand


“I graduated from my small hometown college due to financial problems while my friends were learning from the top colleges of our country. I was not sure what to do in my life. I was the kind of guy with the mindset of never to do any job. I have been a big thinker and dreamer since my childhood. I want to do something great for my country and people from the start.Failing 3 times in normal business from 2013 to 2015 made me realize that business is not an easy task. I learned more about startups and decided to do something great with my abilities. I started working on my skills and improving myself and exploring startup culture. I started by researching various opportunities and decided to go ahead but failed 2 times and was rejected by many investors. I gained experience from my failures and rejections. But never decided to quit. I remained patient and worked hard day and night. I was selected by many top incubators for my company and felt the first steps towards success.The biggest challenges most people face in their journey of entrepreneurship are the fear of failure, lack of support, and confidence of other people in you and your work. I overcame it by believing in myself. I knew what I was doing and kept my goal clear in mind which was to build a great company and do something different.We at Classurge are shaping the future of schooling and learning with technology by providing excellent, affordable, and accessible education via integrated content with augmented reality, and virtual and 3D Classes. Our Startup is incubated by ISB and Nasscom 10000 Startup in 2021. We are also empowering educators and parents to go online and create a safe, better, and smart schooling experience.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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