Divyansh Mishra

Divyansh Mishra


“As a child, I never thought that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I was pretty inclined towards business and how the thing works. The major transformation in my life came when I was in grade 11th. My coaching teacher was marvelous; his thoughts and his ideas gave a spark inside me. There were various ups and downs in my journey at the start. I thought that this idea won't work, we need to pack it up, but after some time, we decided to go with it, and after a lot of effort and planning, our idea was successful.The biggest challenge that I faced was I was unable to do the things I liked due to financial issues. I believe that if you have a desire to do something, there is always a way. With that thought, I kept moving and gave my best in every step though. But every effort was worth it as it helped me accomplish my dream. My most significant achievement was getting selected for a HARVARD YLC program, Early Entrepreneurship Program, and Invoice Tomorrow Business Pitch By Huron University. All these were at the world level and 30 in one program.We are an organization with the primary aim to promote small startups and to provide education that is required in today's world to survive and fulfilling the gap of knowledge that our Indian education system is lacking like educating people about financial literacy, the benefits of LinkedIn, conducting workshops, summer camps, winter camps and providing them knowledge about the corporate world, how to crack interview, how to deal with case studies, etc. by the speakers who are already serving in these industries since a long period. By participating in our events, students learn about the skills required in today's world. How to be out of the box, how to communicate smartly, etc. All these at a very cheap cost like 10, 20 rupees or free.Knowledge is power, so keep investing in yourself and do what you love to get maximum output.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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