At RSR BULB INDUSTRY, we offer two varieties of LED bulbs, ACDC and Normal Bulb, at almost 50% lesser cost than the market price. We sold five bulbs to teachers, 60 Bulbs to the slums area and market, 20 bulbs to nearby residents, and five bulbs to the family. We have received positive feedback from our customers and demand to produce more versions of the bulbs as it is cost-effective. We received seed money of Rs 14,000 and earned a revenue of Rs 5,400 with a profit of Rs 1,700. The cost of making one Bulb is around Rs 47, and we sell it at Rs 70 each with a margin profit of Rs 23. The cost of 1 ACDC bulb is Rs 165, and the selling price is Rs 250. The gross margin is Rs 85 per Bulb We seek an investment of Rs 1,29,000 to meet the production cost and the expenses. The estimated production of normal bulbs is Rs 46,000, and the estimated production cost of 300 ACDC Bulbs is Rs 49,500. The machine kit would cost us Rs 12,000. The estimated six-month Rent is Rs 21,000, and the estimated transport cost is Rs 1,000.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Electronic Systems

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