Tapan bhandari

Tapan bhandari

POD (On Demand Photographer)

“As a child, I wanted to be a businessman, later I wanted to be “A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSMAN”, then the word “Entrepreneur” was in trend, and I thought entrepreneur and businessman are similar. After 6 years of work experience, I realized entrepreneurship is more extensive; Now, I want to be a successful entrepreneur.My entrepreneurial journey has been incredible. I am a very hardworking person, or you can say that I am passionate about work, whatever I do, I give my best to make it bigger and better. I am not a perfectionist, but I want things to be perfect in the end. So my journey after I became an entrepreneur is one of the best journeys. I am living every day; it’s a lot of different experiences; you have to deal with your emotions, grow fast, learn every day, and deal with your finances and family. A lot of things changed after becoming an entrepreneur.During my journey, I have faced my share of challenges. But with consistency and patience, I was able to overcome those challenges. On 15th August 2021, I received my first entrepreneurship award. I believe my most significant achievements are yet to come, and we are working in the right direction.We offer On-Demand Personal Photographer Booking Services. The idea behind the business is to organize the Photography Market in India by bringing in Technology-enabled disruption for the overall growth of the participants.Follow your passion with consistency, patience, and growth, and don’t forget to take care of your health.”

State : Gujarat

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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