Akashjyoti Das & Prithvi Sai

Akashjyoti Das & Prithvi Sai


“We took an exciting yet tough decision of starting prototype during the lockdown. We released our MVP and launched our product at the same time. Our entire team including the cofounders didn't even get to meet till one and a half years of working on the idea. We faced a lot of ups and downs. Targets to empower women, and the product plans to commercialize the abundance of flourishing home cooks in India. Students who are studying and staying in PGs, away from their hometowns crave home-cooked meals, and to cater to such needs, here to curb all these cravings by presenting a platform to these students where they can connect to some of the best home Chefs through the app.The prevailing status- quo of the corporate world has dominated people to an extent that they don’t get time to cook their food. Hence, they often order food from restaurants and spoil their health while burning a hole in their pockets. In the new COVID world, the demand for food convenience has increased. We aimed to create and remodel a new market. This was tough since people were rude to our faces and some did not understand the idea. We are doing something that nobody had thought of doing before. We are empowering the current population of housewives through the skill of cooking.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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