Aniruddha Ashok Patil

Aniruddha Ashok Patil

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“I was very influenced by entrepreneurs of various fields in my formative years. I worked for a Printing Press for a few months during the lockdown during which I realized that the digital marketing strategies available could undergo a lot of reform. I started planning for our digital marketing agency.In January 2021, we started our digital marketing agency, After launching our startup, we mainly worked on creating the need for digital marketing in this market. We started free consultations for our new clients to enhance the growth of their business. We are a custom digital marketing company with a dedicated team of designers, developers (website & application), SEO experts, creative writers, and many more who together make every project successful. We faced some acceptance along with some rejection but day by day engaged with clients for their organic business growth.After lockdown, we faced some issues like creating a core team & funding but the main issue remained to be creating the need for digital marketing services. So, with thorough research, we designed some reasonable packages for our clients in a unique way. We believe to go beyond digital by combining data insights with design to build strategies and experiences that transform businesses. I even received a nomination for CEO of the Year 2021 (IAF, Delhi).Digital Marketing Services are everywhere but we know what works for business; from paid ads to creatives, social media, and websites, our content wizards and digital strategists deliver solutions that make a difference.Our company’s tagline "Invention to Innovation" paves the way for us to bring the invention into every field to provide unique solutions to customers. That’s the secret to a successful startup.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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