Vineet Jaiswal

Vineet Jaiswal

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“As a child, I had a desire to do something on my own. An entrepreneur term that was unknown to me at that time, but I have to start a business of my own due to my family's business background. As I grow up, due to liabilities, I have done a job for 6 years. Once I found I could move on, I started my Entrepreneurial Journey. It's a roller coaster ride.As an entrepreneur, your every day is full of excitement, you will face challenges, and you have to find the solution. Your team is looking at you with the expectation that now a miracle will happen. And you have to fulfill those expectations. When we started, we started from Zero; we had to manage everything on our own from finances, operations, marketing, and HR. And that is the best part of the journey because you are high on energy and you learn maximum during this time. Then slowly, you design the system, fit the people in their roles, automate the system, and think about innovation, market changes, and product-market fit. And also manage the adequate capital for the smooth running of the company.In a journey, challenges are not small or big; it's just in which state of mind you are. We do have challenges like hiring good and raw talent to fit in the roles and raising money to maintain the company's smooth operation. But we overcome that with a positive state of mind. So, being positive is very important.Our business is delivering fresh products (fruits and vegetables, chicken and mutton, cakes) at the best price to the customer's doorstep. Our USP is our freshness of product that too at best price. Always fight back!!

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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