Sumit Shrivastava

Sumit Shrivastava


Sumit Srivastava briefed us about his journey of how he become an entrepreneur. “As a child, I was sure that I wanted to be an Entrepreneur, and the reason behind that was, at a young age, I was a part of a circle with a lot of young and successful Entrepreneurs. I have seen their luxury lifestyle. Being from a middle-class family and dreaming of having this lifestyle was like a kid who wanted to touch the moon.I came back from Dubai for 30 days in October 2019, and during that time, I was in self-analysis. My patience broke, and I resigned from the settled career I was pursuing, and I jumped into the business the very next day. My strong intuition and zeal to become wealthy and successful have made me work 18 hours a day. I still remember taking a nap to compromise my good sleep so I could use the additional hours for my growth." says Sumit.He further explained, that becoming an entrepreneur is always a fruitful journey. There are always ups and downs. The ups motivate you to grow, and the downs teach you the ground reality of life. The biggest problem with me was that I wasn’t financially backed up to start my business, which made me pursue a job for 5 years."Even after the 5 years of my job career, there were no such savings to start the business. Still, I decided to go with it, and finally, I started this business in November 2019 with a lot of will and determination to be the one I always wanted," says Sumit.Sumit described the hurdles he faced like during the lockdown, Hiring a good team, and Making the team a part of his success. "I believe that a business can only grow into something big when you have an exemplary implementation of your winning ideas."

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Agriculture & Forestry

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