Shauli Bhattacharjee

Shauli Bhattacharjee


“I always wanted to do something different and be my own boss. When I graduated from law college, I worked a 9 to 5 job with a law firm. However, I never found it fulfilling and after 3 years of doing the job, I started an independent practice. I knew that following my passion would result in the happiness I wanted from my profession and with the required hard work, I could be successful.My decision of starting my own practice was followed by my decision to become a blogger. This decision was not easy because having no contacts in the field, it was difficult to understand things. I worked for more than 12 hours a day but there was still not much growth on my page. Even though I felt demotivated at times, I never gave up. I constantly challenged myself to do better and find ideas that would attract more audience.Through my page, I share my love for food by sharing about newly opened cafes, restaurants, and even street food that many people don't know about. I also share my traveling experiences and skin care videos with my audience.It was all worth the fight and my work started getting noticed. I got the opportunity to work with some really amazing brands and started getting paid for what I loved doing. My first biggest achievement was when I was nominated for an award. After 12yrs of struggle I finally made a name for myself in this field. And another biggest achievement was when I was invited for an event that is Born On Instagram which gave me the platform and recognition for my work.and I believed there were bigger and better things waiting for me.I believe that even if you have to face a lot of challenges at first, facing them and fighting through them will help you achieve all that you want. If you give up, you will always have the regret of never trying.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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