Shilpa Bhudhdeo

Shilpa Bhudhdeo


“I always knew that I would like to do something with my talent and build something around my art. It was when my children became independent that I went back to my art and eventually in the next year started to ideate ways to upcycle and make products that combine my art and functionality.This was back in 2016, however, I was taking slow yet steady steps. It was only during the lockdown in 2020 that there was an urge to now take bigger and bolder steps. My business is a place where innovation is the foundation and making handmade products with love and care is at the center. I deal with customizable handmade, bespoke, art products that can spruce up your homes in a few minutes. I like to do everything in my power to keep my client satisfied, be it the aesthetic of the product or the budget.From being a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, student, business owner, artist, mother-in-law, this past year has been challenging but has also amounted to so much growth within me, that I find myself grateful for all the things that are thrown at me. Being an entrepreneur has taught me endless skills like time management, communication, making connections, building a community of clients, delivering on time, managing raw material stocks, constantly upgrading my skill sets, and the likes - it has truly been a year where I have soaked up many new skillsets and that makes me proud.I hadn't done anything like this for the past 30 years and suddenly it felt daunting to have a business of my own and maneuver through it. I am still learning of course, but when I look back from where I started to where I am, I can see how much I have overcome. I think what helped most was the support I received from my family. I truly believe that when you put your dreams out into the universe with all honesty and hard work, the more likely it is to manifest.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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