Ayush Figser

Ayush Figser


“Since the age of 10, I wanted to create something that benefited society. When I realized the reality of innovation, I started learning about every topic that could be helpful for me to achieve my aim. After grabbing all the information possible, I ventured into my startup at the age of 13. I met and conversed with big personalities and made great connections. I understood that what makes an entrepreneur is their ability to enjoy rejections, constantly learn, learn from failure, innovate, and have self-belief.Throughout the journey of our startup, partnerships, and collaborations are continuing to grow. We believe that the software and digital world is the future of the trillion-dollar market industry because these services are now a necessity. One of the biggest challenges I faced was people bullying me about my age when I told them about my profession. This continued from the local people around me to cyberbullying. While building my company, team building was one of the hardest tasks.Through my journey, I understood the real meaning of entrepreneurship and built myself into one of the youngest entrepreneurs, founder of my company, partner of a non-profit organization, psychologist, researcher, creative writer, scientific researcher, author, and innovator.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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