Twinkle Bhutani

Twinkle Bhutani


“Business is in my blood since birth. My family was always engaged in business and that is the way I know things work. Initially, I joked about being an entrepreneur, but during campus placements, I realized I don’t want a placement, but I want to be someone who gives placements. That was the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey.When I started, many people criticized me for my choice. Even during the initial days, I had fewer deals. In addition to such disappointments, some people were criticizing me for opening a start-up instead of opting for a conventional job. But it is your life and you should make it great. Those criticisms I received fed my hunger to be successful. Now after 2 years when I look back, I know I am done my best and so I deserve everything I have today.I am even proud of all my achievements. To begin with, I got nominated for the young entrepreneur award by the Indian achievers’ awards. I also got an invitation from my school as a guest speaker on the topic of ‘how entrepreneurship is in the mindset and not in the education.’ Our company also focuses on dealings with start-ups because we know what kind of problems entrepreneurs can face in the beginning. Everyone can see the efforts we undertake to help those entrepreneurs and that is what makes people believe in webdwiz and our services.‘I feel if you believe in something but people are criticizing you for it, trust your gut and do it.’ Because you are only answerable to yourself and at the end of the day, two things are going to happen, either you will succeed and those critics are either going to be your supporters or haters. Or you might fail and people will criticize you more, but remember you failed better while those people did nothing.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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