Khushboo Jain

Khushboo Jain

Impact Guru

"Since my family members have always been entrepreneurs, I somehow knew that someday I’d also be in the same place and running a business. At the age of 15, I juggled in between college, extracurricular activities, and being trained at my father’s office.Then came a turning point in my life where I felt a strong passion to make a difference in the lives of people and save more lives. Co-Founder Piyush Jain and I realized we wanted to be social entrepreneurs and started a fintech company focused on making healthcare more affordable in India.We created a company with a mission to help India’s people find crowdfunding solutions primarily for healthcare. It aggregates a large number of online payments to allow any individual requiring financial assistance to raise funds for critical medical expenses - be it cancer, transplant, accident, or any other medical emergency.Through our healthcare crowdfunding platform, we recently raised a record-breaking USD $ 2.1 million each, to cover the cost of the World’s Expensive Drug, Zolgensma, for 3 children diagnosed with a rare disease - Spinal Muscular Atrophy. No other financing solution can provide such an outcome without a payback liability. Our ambition is to make an extraordinary impact through our platform, helping finance the critical illnesses of over 1 million / 10 lakh patients over the next decade. If you come across someone who requires funds for their critical illnesses or if you are keen to explore an association with us or share a suggestion, please reach out to us.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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