Raj Anand

Raj Anand

RJPL India and Twigged India

“Since my childhood, I was always trying to do something different from others and in 10th standard, I decided to be an entrepreneur. I decided to be an entrepreneur because I wanted to change some of the stereotypes that exist in our society regarding the media.I founded my organisation in class 11th to do the same. I decided to find hidden gems in the form of artists. Artists, dancers, singers and creators in general have great talent but it goes unrecognised by the public while on the other hand, the people without such talent get fame through social media.It was quite difficult for me to find people with not a lot of social media following but with impeccable talent.We became India’s first Micro Influencer Magazine and have featured 40+ influencers, singers, dancers, artists and more from India and other countries like US and Spain. I was also nominated by Indian Achievers Forum for the Promising Start-up category. Recently we also received an invitation from Amazon Music to upload our interview on Amazon Music and Audible in the form of Podcasts.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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