Saumya Gupta

Saumya Gupta


“With both my father and grandfather pursuing entrepreneurship, I knew it was in my blood. Watching my father as I grew up, I was amazed at how much all of his customers adored him. I would ask him about it, and, time and again, he told me that the most important thing in business is the quality of your products, the relationships you build, and the services you provide to your customers.I pursued my master’s in Biotechnology and worked in Lucknow as well as Jakarta after completing the course. I always dreamt of starting my venture. My husband, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, also motivated me to do something of my own.I have always been inclined towards using natural skin & hair care remedies since childhood. The idea of making products for the same popped into my mind and I started working towards it by making a few products at home. I started with skin and hair care products. The response I received from friends & clients was unbelievable. The biggest challenge for me was to make the products affordable. We decided to keep the prices nominal so that our customers would be able to afford them with ease as well as to eliminate competition.I started with a few products and sold around 200 pieces in 3 months. Gradually, as I sold more products, it added to my confidence and I started making more products with the knowledge I gained from the workshops I attended for the same. The response was truly amazing and the satisfaction we got cannot be expressed in words!”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Female

Sector : Healthcare

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