Navin Hariharan

Navin Hariharan


“When I was in the 9th grade in school, A classmate of mine told me she was being harassed by a junior lecturer online, Via Instagram. He was blackmailing her with her internal marks. That was the first time I was exposed to cybersecurity and hacking. I told my father about the incident and provided appropriate evidence which led to the school management taking necessary action.I understood the grave situation of cybercrimes and decided to start a company under my father’s name. I knew I never wanted to work for others and give my 100% to a job for no reason. I am a certified ethical hacker and have over 30 certificates from various organizations. I aim to build cyber warriors to defend and eliminate cybercrimes. I am involved in the research and development of various tools. I regularly have people facing cybercrimes and I guide them to the right path to tackle the same.The biggest challenge I faced in my life is college as it took away most of my time and started to reduce my creativity too! After a while, I had to choose between college and my own way. I went my own way and I do not regret it!”

State : Tamil Nadu

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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