Arpit Garg  and Shresth Goel

Arpit Garg and Shresth Goel


“When you put everything you have, you get everything you deserve. Childhood is an ironic phase of our Life. Although we are provided everything, most of us do not know what our ultimate purpose is. Nonetheless, we realized our interest in the field of business and technology. Thereby started developing our tech skills and researched on implementing various ideas in this always changing business world.At about age 22, while we were in the last year of our graduation, we decided to open up this bootstrap start-up and provide services to different clients in the field of app and web development. Our previous work experience as a freelancer had helped us build a broad network with various people in various fields. Ultimately this helped in expanding our vision and mission of this venture.We deal with clients who want to grow or start their own business. When the pandemic struck in 2020, and the lockdown was announced, several offline businesses had to shut down. So, my co-founder and I decided to bring people's business online. To achieve our goal, we started by investing Rs 5000 for providing web hosting services as a complimentary with any kind of app and website.Our primary goal was not revenue generation, but we wanted to serve our customers by providing them with outstanding services at an affordable range. This approach of ours helped in creating a bond with our customers and building a successful relationship for the years to come.Today, the biggest challenge was working for the start-up besides my day job as a software developer in TCS. We remember spending so many sleepless nights and sacrificing outings, till this dream was fulfilled. We transform your radical ideas into successful apps. Basically, we believe that great Apps or Websites are not about features but always about the people.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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