Ayushi kulsunge

Ayushi kulsunge

Teen Mental Health Society

“Growing up, I was told that being a doctor or an engineer is the only "stable" career option. No one in my family is an entrepreneur so the idea never even crossed my mind. I never thought about being a social entrepreneur until last year.I knew that I wanted to do something about the mental health situation in India but I didn't know what, when and how to do it. After researching and educating myself about the situation in India, I started looking for organizations that were already doing something in that field but I couldn't find anything.At the age of 16, I decided that I had to create something of my own. I had to be my own mentor and educate myself about the way things work. In a few months' time, I was able to learn many things, meet brilliant people, and have bold yet heartfelt conversations. In the span of fewer than 12 months, my non-profit has more than 60 members from 10+ countries. We have successfully conducted 2500+ minutes of educational sessions mentored by experts, collaborated with 13+ non-profits/companies and provided emotional support to countless people, directly and indirectly. There is so much stigma attached to mental health in our country, we don't talk about it, we aren't taught about it in schools or educational institutions and all this definitely adds to the stigma. I am so grateful for the experience and the journey which made me realize that our country was facing a mental health crisis and inspired me to do something about it. There is always a bright light at the end of the tunnel and all the darkness and hardships are worth it, everything happens for a reason.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Female

Sector : Consulting

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