Poojitha Bheemreddy

Poojitha Bheemreddy


"It was not an easy start. I had to seek similar minded people who would genuinely be interested in my idea. It was due to my consistent effort that one-day things changed.As a child, I wasn’t much fascinated by Entrepreneurship. It was in High School when I realized the greatness of entrepreneurs. All the entrepreneurs I knew achieved something meaningful in their life and also contributed something to society. This inspired me to become an entrepreneur. And today my contributions give me more satisfaction than anything else.At 15 years of age, I learnt about Jeff Bezos and his amazing start-up. I instantly loved the idea of having my own start-up that will serve people. Besides the fact that I am my own boss gave me a kick to pursue this career. My parents were very interested in having their business after returning from London and my father is a businessman so some of it runs in my blood.My Co-founder Xian, CMO Ahena and Director of Interviews Tanisha helped me a lot in the beginning. I am grateful to every member of our team. I was excited to work with a group of talented individuals for my start-up. I started meeting new people and learning about their stories was an immersive experience.Life is boring without challenges. And to me, no challenge is bigger or smaller. I deal with them eye to eye. My father Dayakar Reddy, mother Vallika, uncles and grandparents were my biggest support. They were always with me when I was in a tough spot. It was because of their encouragement and my resilience, I was able to overcome all the challenges, be it academic, personal or professional. Tough times will come but do not give up. If you ‘take the PAIN, you will GAIN’. Persistence, hard work and optimism are the keys to achieve success.”

State : Telangana

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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