Aryan Maggo

Aryan Maggo


“Having grown up in a family where people are trying to create space and establish ideas makes me gravitate towards entrepreneurialism. I will not say that I was certain regarding my future, but surely, I had a bent towards entrepreneurship. When I was 13, I wanted a medium through which I would be able to express myself outside of the classroom but unfortunately could not find one. This is what led to the birth of my venture. Creativity and imagination lead to entrepreneurship and I developed my venture with this ethic in my mind.Being a student and a social entrepreneur is a challenging task but, it is in that moment you see yourself creating a change, this never matters. Meeting new people, ideas and perspectives bolstered my learning the most. I met 300+ people from over 26 countries. We spoke about several things starting with culture to government, technology to economies and so on. It has been an amazing journey, where I witnessed myself changing and developing. I won’t call it the biggest challenge but my period of self-growth. The period of Covid’19 changed numerous lives, while positively for some and negatively for others. I have changed a lot during this time. Productivity, learning, all-nighters, and of course coffee became more important than ever before. The fact that I had a lot of free time now as compared to earlier, made me become efficient and become 1% better every day. This is a message especially to all the teens out there ‘always believe in yourself' and never assume a negative outcome of any project you have undertaken. Just keep loving yourself and continue your hard as well as smart work. Besides, always keep reading something. It helps you meet different perspectives all around the world just while just being in a room.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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