Lakshminarayan Krishna Hegde

Lakshminarayan Krishna Hegde

Shrikrishna Cloth Emporium

“It was in 1980, after completing my graduation in B. Com, I started this venture. Now I am 63 and presently it has turned into a 40-year-old venture.Ours is a remote village, in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. Even the city of Bangalore is about 550 km away from here. During 1980 in such a remote place, getting quality clothing at an affordable price was only a dream. The average rainfall in the area is about 2500mm to 3500mm. There was huge poverty here in the pre-globalization era. Travelling outside to purchase clothes in such downtrodden socio-economic conditions was quite challenging.When I returned to the village after graduation, I decided to provide the basic facilities that are lacking in my native land. And from the timeframe, you can understand we had been through many ups and downs. Besides establishing a business in a rural area and scaling it is extremely challenging.We consider our 40-year-old venture as a start-up. This is because, though we are in the same village and same old shop, now we have customers all over the state. During COVID-19, initially, our business was quite affected. But my son Shrikrishna was working on Agri Entrepreneurship from 2012 and that gave us an idea to make this Rural shop convert into an Online shop. We started selling online as soon as we could. Surprisingly, we received an excellent response from the customers through Social Media and more customers ordered our products. But we can proudly tell that we provide quality products at an affordable price from a remote location. Time has changed.Villages are now better connected as compared to early days. Acceptance and education are much better than before, and as usual, cities are overcrowded. Providing basic necessities of life is also difficult in many cities because of the limited natural resources around. If we need to solve this problem then, youths need to think beyond and the elderly should support them so that they can pursue their dreams.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Textiles & Apparel

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