Mainak Chakraborty

Mainak Chakraborty

Bangaliana Ventures

“I always had a penchant for doing social services from my childhood. Even I bunked classes to attend my work meetings. Although I always was an introvert, I used to do things I was passionate about. In 2016, I started working as an editor on a Facebook page owned by one of my close friends and today I am one of the directors of the same page that is incorporated now.I was always determined to do something crazy. We celebrated our 1 lakh follower completion date with some Autism affected kids. In 2018, we registered our firm intending to turn this into a Pvt. LTD company.From the very beginning of our journey, there were very few people to support us. Moreover, we were given raspberries by friends. Well, guess what, now they show us respect. It was a difficult journey to manage. Both study and career, we had faced a lot of difficulties during our examination also. We have our arch-enemies, vicious competitors; who always tried to be on their way to achieving success. Even we collaborated with some of East Asia’s well-renowned companies. Today we achieved whatever we have through our passion and hard work.Back in 2019, we started our first business of merchandise via social media handles and sold over 1000+ products in just a week. We got orders from all over India and even from abroad. It was really a great achievement for us. We even collaborated with other top brands. As per my opinion, becoming an entrepreneur does not mean that you have your own business. The crucial aspect is how much you are creating an impact by uplifting society through your company. So, work hard and with passion.”

State : West Bengal

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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