Vaibhavraj Desai

Vaibhavraj Desai


"Without knowing what the word entrepreneur meant, in 8th grade, I started making money to play Call of Duty by managing my classmates' pocket money.It was during the 3rd year of my college that I decided to pursue my career as a full-time entrepreneur. By the end of my engineering, I went on to become the Chief Marketing Officer of a company that I served for 2 years, after which I started my venture.Our journey began in 2017 when I was in my 3rd year. I developed the idea of creating a platform that will help travellers throughout India. With this goal in my mind, I invested my savings and started our company. But, much to our disappointment, the company was not growing as expected.In 2020 when covid-19 hit India and lockdown started, it was difficult to get clients on board and the future seemed to be blurred, with no clue as to when things will go back to normal. We found it really difficult to plan things ahead of us. But as working from home became the new norm., we eventually got accustomed to remote working and providing services to our clients. Very soon the functioning came back to normal. And after the lockdown was over, we were back on track again.There were many challenges I faced during my early days of starting this business. The main challenge I mainly had to deal with in the beginning was a lack of funds. To solve the problem of money, I began arranging trips for local people to some local destinations and in return, earned commissions from the resorts.The biggest achievement that kickstarted my career as an entrepreneur was when the android application which I created reached 100K downloads. But I want to tell you that you will be facing innumerable challenges along the path to your dreams. Learn how to overcome hurdles and never stop working even if everyone is against you.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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