Simran Kaur and prakhar gupta

Simran Kaur and prakhar gupta

WINLegally Solutions LLP

“When we were students, we were certain that we both wanted to do something of our own but were unsure about how we would exactly do that. Both of us were very different people but we had the common idea of creating something. This led us to working together and making our individual dreams come true with a common vision for our company.During the initial phase of the lockdown, as our college was shut down, we started sharing our thoughts, ideas & dreams related to entrepreneurship to each other. We realised that all around us, there were people trying to adapt to the changing surroundings and losing their jobs. Entrepreneurship could be the future of change in our country.We knew nothing about entrepreneurship and started everything from scratch. We served people with what we had and made ourselves aware about every important piece of knowledge that could help us grow. We had to be marketer, graphic designer, content creator, website designer and took up every other role for our company. It wasn’t easy for us to work as a team, but all of our conflicts led to the formation of an unbreakable bond between us.We made sure to deliver quality work and solutions to our clients every time. We were invited for various talks at different colleges to talk about entrepreneurship and its implementation and were also invited as guests of honour to judge an Entrepreneurship Summit. Even as a startup, we have one of few top notch clients in the industry all across India and countries like the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia & Oman. Even though every day of our journey has been challenging, it has been full of new learnings!

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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