Preeyaj Safary

Preeyaj Safary

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"I felt this during the initial year of my start-up. I lacked efficient developers who can assist me in realizing my dream and help fulfil my ambitions. During my childhood, I was always playful and was not serious about being an entrepreneur. I was not sure which field I would choose for myself.In my high school year, and during and after the pandemic, after seeing around I realized the need to be independent and survive on your living. In this moment of crisis, I thought, what if I open a start-up business and provide internships or other job opportunities to the high school students. It is mostly this category of people, who neither have any experience nor any job for themselves and always were dependent on their guardians or parents.When I started as an entrepreneur, given obvious circumstances, I faced many failures and there were many difficult situations. But it was these failures that helped me in achieving my success today. Then I decided to take my company to the next level and developed market ready solutions to most common problems.For me the biggest challenge is getting efficient developers to begin my journey with. In order to find the best fish of the ocean, I posted jobs in various places and interviewed the candidates. Sorting and finding out the absolute best one, I had to struggle a lot but eventually I accomplished it.My company aides’ high schoolers and secondary grade students in fulfilling their goals and making them better in their life.To all the young entrepreneurs and upcoming generation out there, It is your time so go ahead and make it happen and create something wonderful in your life.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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