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Swarnajeet Mukherjee

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"Since childhood, I was inspired by my father’s struggle to sustain his job and simultaneously the passion for doing business. When I was 14 years old, I became stubborn of the fact that I would never sacrifice my dreams. And it was that very day, that I wanted to be an entrepreneur.Soon after my MSc. in Technopreneurship and Innovation program in Singapore, I joined a start-up as a Marketing and IT Analyst. In 2014, I decided to head back to my home country, India, and start my own business. After my return from Singapore, I struggled for a year with zero income and clarity. Being a graduate of NTU and Stanford, I started looking for jobs Under family and peer pressure and survived on a Rs. 5000 pocket money from my parents. I Regret that day when I reluctantly got a job leaving all my dreams behind for a day.I would always casually counsel people and guide them to get over their problems. Someone advised me to stop doing that as it was taking my majority of the time while I was on the brink of starving. But when I wasn’t available to council anymore, people sought after me and offered me to pay good money for my coaching and counscilng and thus began my entrepreneurship journey.To date, I have coached more than 4000 individual clients, trained more than 50,000 people through seminars and webinars, healed people from PTSD in weeks while they were going to therapy for years, coached people who were poor and broke and helped them to become financially independent.We are driven by innovation and planning to invest more than rs. 500 crores ($66.55 MILLION) in deep learning and machine learning technologies in the next three years. We are primarily focused on developing healthcare and marketing technologies.Never give up on your dreams

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Consulting

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