Akriti Tyagi

Akriti Tyagi


“In 2019 I started my own brand that was unique and ethnic. We started on Instagram and being an engineer, I understood how the online aspect of it all worked. The designs that had to be selected were initially chosen by me. I soon realised that various sections of the population had different types of tastes in jewellery, especially differing on the basis of age and cities and started working on the same.Within a few months of starting my brand, I realised I could see myself doing this for a very long time. I established the website and focused on how to make our page different from the numerous other pages available that sold jewellery as well. It took more than a year to build that trust amongst our customers. This was one of the biggest challenges I faced along with handling the finances, vendor finalization and product development.We were always open to feedback and it acted as an important part of our designs. The most loyal feedback even got a discount on their next purchases! We are constantly engaged in the cycle of selling the product, receiving feedback and correcting the product.I discovered that it is actually a male-dominated industry but, since people are evolving and so are mindsets, I built my name in the industry through sheer hard work. I still pack each order with the same excitement as the very first day! I don’t sell a product, I sell the story and the experience. My main focus still remains to establish the connection of my product with the Indian market and to promote the beauty of Indian culture.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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