Mayank Sharma

Mayank Sharma


"I have aspired to become an entrepreneur since I was ten years old. I was always fascinated by the stories of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others. As a child, my reason for becoming an entrepreneur was very different; the concept for entrepreneurship was just to become rich and have respect from society. As I grew older, I realized the challenges faced in entrepreneurship, but it fascinated me equally as the pros. I thought of pursuing entrepreneurship seriously when I joined engineering. At that time, I had some vague ideas, but I didn't dare to take a step forward towards it, so I did MBA as a backup option. As soon as I got into a job, my urge to become an entrepreneur increased. I was a part of student start-up bodies which prepared me mentally to leap of faith in due time.My entrepreneurship journey can be summarised as 'Nothing is going as per plan, which makes me excited. My first idea in travel & hospitality didn't work out as when we were working on that lockdown happened. Next, I started working on my second idea, which was very close to my heart, i.e., creating an informed career ecosystem in our country. Our initial plan was to connect with schools and have a B2B model, but it was not possible due to lockdown, so we shifted to the B2C model by increasing our social media presence. We started getting customers from word of mouth and through our LinkedIn account. The biggest challenge I ever faced in my life was to overcome my risk aversion. Though I was determined to become an entrepreneur, somewhere down the line, the choices I was making were too risk-averse. It was pretty tempting to stay in my comfort zone and earn a handsome amount of money, but I didn't want to live a life full of regret, so I overcame all my challenges.Life is too short to have any regrets. Seek suitable guidance and once ready, take a leap of faith

State : Madhya Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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