Prateek Tiwari

Prateek Tiwari

Mind Harmonics Learning Pvt Ltd

"Entrepreneurship was never in my bucket list. As a normal child I just had a desire to be like my father and have a normal job, but everything just happened eventually. The idea of pursuing entrepreneurship as a career striked my mind when I was working as an intern as a Subject Matter Expert with a company. There I just had this idea that what if we contact the clients directly instead of working for anyone else and we can hire people to work for us.It has never been easy to start something new on your own and you have to take risks. The biggest challenge was to build up a bond of trust with the clients. In the beginning we had a lot of problems finding clients and it almost took a month to contact them. I don’t think that I am still at the best place I desire for but I am working on that eventually, and I think it’s a process that does take time. Also when we were building Mind harmonics, we got so many ups and downs but now it’s working very smoothly and this is one of my best achievements.My only message to those people who are planning to do something similar is that the most important thing when it comes to starting your own business is the way you plan out things because when you desire for something you have to be consistent, creative and productive. Planning is the most important aspect in becoming successful.

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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