The green future

We, team Solutions, make biodegradable solutions for stationary waste. Our business idea is called The green future. We are four environmentalists producing biodegradable pens, pencils, pen-stand, and seed balls. Each of these pen-pencils is implanted with seeds and, when thrown, will grow into a plant. Our seed balls are innovative and a fun way to plant trees. We are also fighting the low price market with our price as low as 15 rupees. We received a seed amount of Rs 8000 and earned a profit of Rs 3000 from them. The total cost of one unit is Rs 7, and selling it for Rs 15, we get a profit of Rs 8. We spent Rs 6000 on raw materials. We aim to expand our business in the next 6-8 months. We seek an investment of Rs 14 lakhs, including Rs 7 lakhs for making products (made in India) and one lakhs for maintenance. We need to rent a place to keep the machine costing Rs 1.5 lakhs for six months and Rs 1.5 lakhs for raw materials. We will need Rs 3 lakh for overhead expenses. We require guidance for marketing and business planning.

State : Ladakh

Gender : Other

Sector : Retail & E-commerce

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