Tech Up company

Tech Up company


At Techup, we build a slimmed-down image of Windows 10 OS that speeds up the computer's hardware performance by 100%. So far, we have upgraded 25 computers of new customers previously unknown to us. They are either college students or small businesses and are very satisfied with the improved performance of their computers. Computer OS upgrades are very profitable for Rs 649 and Rs 50 on average cost. Building the computer costs us Rs 12,999, and we sell it for Rs 16,999, with a profit of about Rs 4,000. We aim to execute at least 360 orders in the next six months. With the current growth rate of our company, we can execute 60 orders per month on an average. We aim to get 40 business-to-consumer orders and 20 B2B orders. We seek an investment of Rs 2.2 lakhs for one high-end laptop for development costing us Rs 60,000, software and website development and maintenance at Rs 1,00,000, office setup Rs 20,000, procuring pen drives, SSDs, and other miscellaneous costs around Rs 20,000, and Rs 20,000 for marketing.

State : Delhi

Gender : Other

Sector : Electronic Systems

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