Archit Saini

Archit Saini


"After successfully two failed attempts of the IES exam, it was clear to me was that a government job was not my cup of tea.I belonged to a middle-class family. And like every middle-class family, my parents also wanted me to become a government employee. To do the same, I enrolled in an engineering college and after completing engineering started preparing for the government job examination.After the failed examination attempts, I landed a job in a big real estate company as a Project Engineer. Everything was going well, and then one day my younger brother approached me and conveyed this business idea.The beginning was very difficult, I had just left my lucrative job and now there was no assistant who could assist me with the to-do list of the day, or no helper, no peon, no boss, no one. We were all by ourselves. Simultaneously we were peons and also the owners of the office. The journey so far has been very exciting and we are looking for new opportunities. There were many ups and downs but the will to not give up kept us going. We redeveloped our business model not once, not twice but thrice! This is what we entrepreneurs live for, we hustle, we make things better for society and this is how we serve people.When I finally decided to pursue entrepreneurship, the maximum pressure I faced was from my relatives and acquaintances. But without listening to them I kept on going and actually I am doing extremely well now. All entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that- Finish what you have Begun. It is very easy to start a project, but reaching the end is all that matters the most. Lots of businesses fail due to lack of vision and many entrepreneurs begin with excitement but, after some time, they start to lose focus, and gradually fall back into the pit hole of failure.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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