Faaiz Sayed

Faaiz Sayed


“Every student complains about the outdated education system in the country and how it requires a major revamp. And my journey began back when I was in college. It was in 8th grade when I decided to be an entrepreneur. My love for creating a project or a coding assignment also made me realize my passion. I was lucky enough to land a job as a front-end developer but only through the knowledge, I learned from the Internet.After completing my master's in MCA in 2019, I pursued my passion which led to the birth of Fascoon. The main driving force behind the idea of Fascoon was to build an ecosystem where students can come and learn a skill and land their dream job. But how far can you go without resources? Keeping my goal in front of me, I started networking with industry experts. Very soon I built a high-performing team. As a bootstrap start-up, we faced mountains of difficulties that needed creative approaches to solving daily problems. The other challenge that we faced was to gain recognition among the masses and build trust among the people. Today my brainchild Fascoon is proudly a part of the Start-up India initiative and is recognized by the Government of India. My biggest challenge was a lack of funds and I overcame that by joining hands with some amazing people who shared my passion. We together started to work for the success of the start-up. Fascoon helps a student to start their career as a Full-Stack web developer with its Live session, along with online courses and placement support. We have a host of benefits starting from learning at home, interview preparation, live projects, and post-paid payment options, which means students pay only when they get the job after the course. But for the upcoming generation, I would like to say the change that you want to see in this world begins with yourself.

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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