Agrim Gupta

Agrim Gupta


“It was the time when I first founded my ventures related to the corporate sector and sustainability. The world of Management has always fascinated me.I have launched a podcast, Conquering the Corporate which is centered around the corporate industry. As the Host, I interact with professionals who have successfully climbed the corporate ladder and are on their way to the summit of success and in doing so, I hope to increase the knowledge of my listeners so that they can learn valuable lessons from people with multiple years of experience.During the lockdown, my friends and I noticed that some people had left their jobs to go to their villages, in need of a new job. This demand-supply gap that was created made us realize that the pandemic has led to the mass unemployment of blue-collar workers around the country and has also led to a lack of staff for households and corporations. Therefore, to cater to this demand-supply gap, we started our venture, Project Sahayaam, to restore the livelihoods of low-income workers by giving them viable employment opportunities. Till now we have worked with 270 plus migrant workers and have successfully restored the livelihoods of more than 100 plus migrant workers.A message I would like to give to everyone is. “It is never too early to start and that every age is the right age to pursue your dream.”

State : Haryana

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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