Diksha Gupta

Diksha Gupta


"Since my childhood I was very fascinated towards designer dresses. When I grew older my interest towards designer clothes increased and I used to get my clothes stitched personally by a tailor by buying the fabric. People used to appreciate my dresses in college and everywhere.I am an engineer and I served in many companies related to the business field because I was always interested in business and I always wanted to start a business of my own. Now I am the founder of the startup.My startup deals with cloud tailoring services, we provide tailors to our customer's door step. We have our own app at Play Store both for Android and iOS. The customer books the tailor at our app and according to the location we send our representative to our customers location, there we take all the measurements and the customers fabric, and we deliver their clothes fully stitched within seven days. We have completed three years of our startup.Do your work passionately and do it with all your strength. Wait patiently for success. Your hardwork will definitely pay you, you just need to give your 100% to the work which you are doing and you'll see the magic."

State : Karnataka

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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