Dinesh Jaiswal

Dinesh Jaiswal


"My entrepreneurship journey started when I was in my second year of college. It all started when I was a part of a startup which used to deal with renewable energy but we didn't cope with it. I faced failures in the very start of my journey. We built up another startup which was initially doing quite well but the team was not able to cope with the struggles so that too got shut. When I passed my college I got placed in a company where I worked for sometime but I was not satisfied with my life.I wanted something more from my life, so I decided to start my own company. But as we started the pandemic hit and I suffered a huge loss, this was another setback in my journey. I suffered from depression as well. After facing so many failures from the very start, it made me strong as a person. I started doing meditation and I focused on myself and I waited patiently to figure out what should be done next. I came back stronger and decided to start it all over again and try for one more time with my full potential. It is flourishing all over the world. We also made our own crypto currency, which we are working on.I always had that never give up attitude and I accepted failures as part of my life. I always kept myself motivated throughout my journey. One should always have that positive attitude, and face the struggles bravely. I believe in intuition which is more powerful than knowledge and this gives you the strength to fight harder to get what you want to achieve.The only advice I want to give to our young generation is to create your own story and try to be useful to our society and possess skills which will be fruitful for your country and society. You should keep your country above you and serve your country selflessly."

State : Delhi

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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