Hrithvik S Acharya

Hrithvik S Acharya

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"Being an entrepreneur is not an easy job. We have to be prepared to face anything and everything that is coming our way. From my childhood, although I was acquainted with the word employer, I never knew what or who was an entrepreneur. My father is a businessman, and due to this, I was keen on knowing money handling and business management.Like every child, I wanted to become an engineer, or perhaps a doctor or maybe a scientist. As I grew up, I realized that none but entrepreneurship was meant for me. I decided to open up a company related to the technical field. It was in the first year of my engineering when I made plans, built my team and initiated this start-up.During a hard time, I kept on questioning myself as to why I am doing this. On the other hand, I was satisfied with giving the best service to our clients and promoting a user-friendly environment. Whilst building my start-up, I learned many things about managing and leading the company, handling people and networking.The biggest challenge starts to come when you have achieved something, then the pressure starts to mound high on your head. At this point, one should always be prepared. When feeling discouraged during such times, ask yourself why you begin it in the first place. Instead of going after temporary motivations, like videos, books and all, strive to create a proper work environment, practise consistency and maintain a schedule that serves you best. When I started my venture, I was lacking guidance as to what I should do and how I should approach everything. It was the blessings of some senior mentors, who guided me in building such an excellent team to excel and make our enterprise successful together. For the bossy mindset entrepreneurs, I would say if you want to be an Entrepreneur, always be a leader for your people, and not the arrogant Boss.”

State : Karnataka

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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