Payal Nanjiani

Payal Nanjiani

The Payal Nanjiani Leadership Company - USA & INDIA

“I never knew that I would be a globally acclaimed leadership speaker and author or, for that matter, an entrepreneur. Honestly, I didn’t even know what I wanted to do in my life. My parents always instilled in me that whatever I do, I must give it my best.Following the regular path of society of becoming a doctor or an MBA graduate, I went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in business management. I had a very successful start in my career in India before moving to the United States of America. And that’s when life changed for me. It all lived up to my expectations in the beginning and I was living the American Dream.But there was a feeling of unfulfillment because of the reality I saw around me. Despite all of the resources and opportunities, most people struggled at their work. There still existed a huge gap between the successful and the unsuccessful.I left the comfort of my well-settled corporate life and immersed myself into research to get to the root of this gap. My curiosity and research helped me understand the reason for this gap. That is when I came up with the idea for my business.The biggest challenge for me was to get corporate America to believe in my leadership content. The perception about most Indians in America is that we keep our head down and are hardworking people with an MBA or IT degree. There weren't many Indian women doing what I did at the time and it was a typically white male-dominated field. Eventually I became known as one of the only women of Indian descent to be a leadership speaker and author in the USA. Fast-forward, today my work has changed the results of numerous organizations and millions of people across the globe. It has now become my life’s purpose to help more people and organizations to develop a leadership mindset and succeed at their work. I feel grateful that to date, my workshops, keynotes, and books are helping millions of people awaken the leader.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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