Palakh Khanna

Palakh Khanna


"Although it may sound like I am exaggerating, deep down I always felt that I am a catalyst for change. I came across the term “Entrepreneurship” when I was about 10. One day my father decided to enlighten me about this term. I was always a shy, timid girl and due to my nature, everything looked like an area out of my league. But I never thought that this could be my venture. It has actually become something that describes me!The pandemic allowed me to introspect and reflect on my ideas. Looking back I realize that it was about taking a leap of faith and beginning. The biggest challenge was that I was a full-time student and being a growing social entrepreneur is similar to a journey roller- coaster, full of ups and downs.Now our core member has also increased to some 25 people. We were recently interviewed by the Perfect Woman Magazine for our work and it is in fact a recognition in itself. We were also being featured on various esteemed platforms like The Emerging Icons amongst many others.Amongst the difficulties I faced, I would firstly say that overcoming my shyness and becoming an extrovert has helped me in achieving my goals. Besides, I am also an active environmentalist and a firm believer in feminism. This venture is proof of overcoming my struggle and being successful. But all this, in turn, helped our business to expand further and created a global community, where we can converse freely about any issue. Reflecting back on my journey, I will tell all the young changemakers and entrepreneurs that, whenever you feel demotivated or believe your ideas and actions are not enough, remember you should try to become the pebble in the pond, the one which creates the ripple for change.”

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Not for profit

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