Rutvij Hadap

Rutvij Hadap

Dopetech Solution

"Being from an engineering background a solution-driven approach is something that was always inside me. I’ve seen people complaining all around, that India lacks good job opportunities so instead, I decided to become a job provider instead of being a job seeker.I’ve been a tech enthusiast since childhood. In my early days, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur never touched my mind. While I was preparing for engineering entrance exams, reliance commoditized the internet and penetrated the Indian Telecommunication Industry by launching Jio. That was the time when I thought of building a digital business.I started my entrepreneurial journey as a blogger. Soon after, two of my friends shared the same passion as mine and joined my initiative. They are currently serving as the COO and CTO for the company. Besides blogging, I kept making improvements on my blog as well as my website. After running the blog for some time and studying the market, we realized, given our skill sets, we can launch a business out of it.Then we began our company. This was the beginning of a completely new era for us. I had no prior experience dealing with clients, neither had any corporate exposure being a student. I constantly kept learning and acquiring new skills. There were days when I slept 5hrs a day and kept working on improving our services, proposals, workflows etc. The biggest challenge I faced throughout my journey was to manage my time, as a student on one side and as a founder in managing the start-up on the other side. You must remember that "Opportunities don't happen, you create them!", If you want to change your life, take responsibility and work towards it. So, don't limit your thoughts and focus on developing yourself, then the sky is your only limit.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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