Navel Nazareth and Anjali Hegde

Navel Nazareth and Anjali Hegde

Neo Aeon Media Solutions

"Most people have a weird belief system. They hold the view that the more the age, the more something would be better. This preconceived falsified notion even cost us our work.Speaking of us, we both belonged to a middle-class family where starting a business is never on the to-do list. We were taught to take on a job and for that purpose, we were asked to get a good package in a reputable company. But no matter what we do, destiny takes its course.Initially, Anjali was hardcore into the Public Relations Industry and Navel was a journalist. But given to our similar line of work and frequent professional collaboration, very soon we legally joined hands in this business. Initially, there were trifles, which we didn’t know about running a business. After a lot of failure and learning, with more attempts, we learned everything.The biggest challenges were that while visiting us in person, judging by our age many clients got discouraged and demanded mock pitching before handing the order. Despite everything, we try to give our packed effort and meet the client's expectations. We believe in learning from our experience and also from the saying that if you wish to be successful in life, it is essential that you “do what you love, and love what you do”. We never considered starting a business as a source to become rich or famous. It was our true realization that we love helping people with things we have gained expertise in. Eventually, all of these transformed our business into a flourishing one and thus here we are today.”

State : Maharashtra

Gender : Male

Sector : Media

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