Syed Hizqeel Nazar

Syed Hizqeel Nazar


"From my childhood onwards, I was so much involved in organizing Christmas and New year parties in school and all. It was at this point when I started earning and used to save some amount. I always had the desire to do something of my own. But the experience goes a long way, and to know how the system actually works, I landed myself a job and, after getting sufficient information, I went on to establish start-ups.It was after my 12th, the thought of entrepreneurship occurred to me. But before becoming an entrepreneur, I wanted to be an actor, but my financial condition did not support me and I could not join the theatre. But that did not stop me as I watched dramas and uploaded my videos on YouTube. And I'm very interested in travelling.Truth be told, after the 12th my family wanted me to be a doctor but to be honest, I could not visualize myself in that position. But my passion helped me in attaining financial independence. Initially, I did not take any family support and struggled a lot. Even today there are still struggles. But all these struggles ultimately helped me to grow. And the more experience growth brought to me, the more I realized the importance of money.In the beginning, I started this with 2-3 people and our target was to serve 50 customers. But now with all the hard work, we have a big team and a decent amount of customers. Although we work 24/7 to provide the best for our customers. Our primary aim is to make life easy for our customers and provide a large number of services under the same company. We help save the time of our customers at a very affordable price with quality service.The whole business experience taught me that- paise toh banane hai aur inhi logon se banane hai… Kaise banate hai ab ye sochna aap ka kaam hai.”

State : Bihar

Gender : Male

Sector : Others

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