Shubham Chaturvedi

Shubham Chaturvedi


“As a child, I was always fascinated by Ambani and TATA. Besides, I never wanted to get trapped in our traditional 9-5 job culture. I was always looking for a change.When the pandemic started, things started to change drastically in the corporate sector. The companies were taking advantage by scaling productivity and over-utilizing the employee and still deducting their salaries. When I faced it, I decided not to work for others anymore, instead of chasing my own dream. The journey was very much unstable. Just like shared, it was either up or down but the journey is still never-ending. But with the help of a dedicated IT team, we managed to rise steadily.The biggest challenge I've faced was after the second wave of Covid-19 hit India, the economy and specifically the Logistics sector was affected the most. There were no leads with us and companies were backing out due to a funds crunch. At that time, I fell into Founder Depression for 3-4 months. After some months I realized that due to my breakdown, the start-up is collapsing and running into losses. Then I bounced back to make it great with much more strength. After launching our first product, we got 2 companies onboarded within a month, and I think for any start-up getting an immediate response for a product in the B2B market is one of the biggest achievements. Hard Work, patience and consistency is the only way to success. Always remember wealth can never be created with salary, and indirectly you'll be serving the nation by generating employment and contributing to GDP, by starting your own business. So, DARE TO DREAM BIG.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Automobile

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