Devansh Chaudhary

Devansh Chaudhary

Action For World

“I belonged to a middle-Class North Indian Family. Becoming an entrepreneur was never on my checklist. Airplanes fascinated me the most. While I was dreaming about them, on the 18th Diwali, my uncle, neighbor, and 54000 other Delhi residents passed away due to asthma and associated several other air-borne diseases. This single incident changed my life. The closing of schools and increasing API levels in Delhi coupled with personal losses created havoc in me. Trying to solve the very problem of pollution, I founded a social start-up.I was about 14 when I started my odyssey to make people live in a better environment. Initially, I was using Data from the World Bank and surveys to develop a list of the most effective solutions to control emissions.The biggest challenge was being young, no one took me seriously. The worst thing was that I could neither overcome it nor fasten it. But then I decided to use my shortcomings as my strength. I started learning from successful entrepreneurs. With my efforts, I even met the Founder of ‘Postman,’ Professor Mathew E. Kahn from the University of Southern California, and several leaders and researchers in the field of Emissions Management and Climate Change. I have also been into research and love integrating it with newer ideas. My first research proposal on ‘Regional Vulnerability to Climate Change’ got me a research position at International Socio Economics Lab. There were seven others, and I wrote a research paper on ‘Impact of Carbon Tax in Curbing Carbon Emissions.’ Regarding climate change, I would tell you that- We have borrowed earth from future generations and not inherited it from our ancestors.”

State : Uttar Pradesh

Gender : Male

Sector : Not for profit

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