Medha Ujjain

Medha Ujjain


"I started my journey as a food blogger two year ago. I had just finished my 12th boards and I was preparing for medical entrance. I gave the entrance but I didn't qualify. I had that habit of posting everything about my life on social media like instagram. I am also good at storytelling and writing. My family members thought that I was too much into social media and getting distracted that's why I was unable to qualify so I attempted for the second time but unfortunately I got ill and I was instructed for 4 months bedrest. In spite of all this I gave my entrance but I was not able to qualify.While I accepted that I was not going to qualify for the entrance, I started googling about the various options available and what else I can do. It was at that time my roommate suggested I should start doing poetry again, as I was good at it and I also had my Instagram poetry page.I explored many options when I went to my college. I was mainly focused on social media marketing. I was given the opportunity to handle the social media handle of a cafe and till date I'm continuing with it. It was a great opportunity for me. I also got opportunities from many other platforms like snapchats. My plan is to expand my work in travel and food blogs. When I shifted to Dehradun I felt like I would lose my blog but I established my blog here and now I am working with many brands here too.Whenever you'll move a step forward to do something which makes you happy, there will always be people standing behind you to support you and also people who will try to pull you back no matter how good you are. In spite of all this you should keep on moving no matter how many times you fail or how many hurdles you face you should always be focused."

State : Delhi

Gender : Female

Sector : Others

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